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From the Desk of Mike Colon, Blue Collar Black Book Founder

State of “The Book”

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We are now fully functional and it's officially GO TIME! Let the hard work and the long road to prosperity and construction security begin. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. You'll get a quick rundown of our current capabilities, followed by a quick assessment of how you can use Blue Collar Black Book to your advantage.


There were 2 major features we wanted all our users to have:

-Client Reviews: The ability to Post a Client Review, whether good or bad & To be able to do a check of your new clients reputation before you start work.


-Trade Information: A database of information volunteered by users so we may all be on the same page as far as wages, benefits, bidding, service rates etc.



Thanks to an amazing programmer we got both of those.

-Use the Client Reviews to protect yourself from new Clients you are unfamiliar with. Post Client Reviews to warn the rest of us about a Client who will try and do us wrong Or so we know the client did you right and upheld their end of the bargain.

-Use the trade information to get the most compensation from service in your respective trade.


We also got a bonus feature, compliments of Motta Industries...

-Forum and Social Features: You can now connect with other users, exchange information, network or discuss issues.


It has been our mission to keep this service free (no monetary cost) to all of our construction users and we are going to stick to that far into the foreseeable future.


We need to get the ball rolling and we want it rolling fast. To make that happen at no cost to the users,s we need lots of people signing up. Help us improve the construction industry by REFERRING CO WORKERS, OTHER TRADESMEN, CONTRACTORS, UNION REPS OR CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY GROUPS you network with. Find us on your favorite social media and share us. The more users we get, the stronger, safer and better informed/educated we all get.


Here is a shocking fact: For Every Dollar Less Than What You Should Make/Hr (average) Over The Course Of A 30 Year Career, YOU MISS OUT ON $60,000.00. (Based on a 2000 hr work year.) Example: If you are making $5.00/hr less than average, you earned $300,000.00 LESS than a tradesmen making the average wage for your trade in your area. THAT IS PART OF WHAT MAKES THE INFORMATION WE COLLECT SO IMPORTANT TO YOU! That $5.00 you were underpaid could have bought you a house or 2, in most parts of this country, over the course of your career..... Let that sink in for a minute.


REMEMBER: Any Information you put in Blue Collar Black Book MUST BE: CLEAR CONCISE FACTUAL, FAIR & PROFESSIONAL.


Now the strength and success of Blue Collar Black Book depends entirely upon us as the users. We have to get large numbers of tradesmen & tradeswomen in here using the system. There are AT LEAST 12 million tradespeople in the US alone & we have the potential to serve tradesmen worldwide.


Don't hesitate to contact us. I do my best to respond to everyone..


If you are a member of a trade group or organization that would like to work with Blue Collar Black Book, so we can accomplish our mutual goals quicker, we can't wait to work with you in any capacity we can.


For those users who got in when we first launched Thank You for being here and the patience while we got this thing fully assembled. For all new users, WELCOME! THANKS FOR BEING HERE and putting in the extra effort. Let's build something great here.





Mike Colon





PS You All Have A Great 4th of July

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