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What The Future Holds For Construction: How Contractors Can Improve their Odds

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Have you ever had a “Run In” with The Law? It doesn't matter if it was a traffic stop, something more criminal or if you called the police to file a report. One of the very first things that officer did was get your photo identification and radio records for a check of your personal record. I know exactly why they do it and I am sure you do too. What I am about to tell you is how this first critical step relates to your future in the trades and how it will improve your chances for survival. So sit down, relax and keep your hands where I can see them & don't make any sudden movements.

Before we get to the how this relates to construction, please be patient and allow me to get you into the right frame of mind for a moment.

In case you didn't already know, I will let the cat out of the bag. Police “run us out” most importantly for officer safety. Their survival depends on knowing who they are dealing with, and what that dispatcher tells them will affect how they interact with you from that point forward.

If you are clean as whistle you are probably going to see an officer in his best possible mood. Now If you are known to fight, resist arrest, carry drugs, weapons or so on and so forth your day is about to go downhill in a hurry. BUT it's fair! Everybody rides on their own reputation.


Blue Collar Black Book  has put itself in a position to be your “dispatcher”. You, the tradesmen, or contractor are in the position of the Police Officer. It doesn't matter if you are licensed or doing side work we have you covered because if a client will exploit the weakness of one of us they will exploit any of our weakness. Which leaves your client to be the “Person of Interest”.

Now that we know our roles, let us clear up the picture. Some clients are great and some clients are terrible but most are in between. Until now, tradesmen and contractors have had no way of knowing who was good or who was bad without first hand experiences, unless you live in a small town where you know that customers reputation by word of mouth. For a cop this practice could easily get you injured, killed or lead you to being more forceful than was necessary out of self preservation.

Poor Intel in the Construction Trades creates Headaches

Problems such as clients with: bad attitudes, who pay late, fail to ever pay, threaten to sue, have unreasonable expectations, who will low ball you, beat you up on the price, shop your bid or find any number of ways to make your professional life miserable. We have a very short period of time to make an accurate assessment of the clients character and potential for risk before we get the job and it's real easy to overlook some warning signs when you are getting all the information you need to get your bid together or do the work. You are distracted. The same as a police officer is distracted by his duty.

Even in situations where a client was referred to you things can go bad. In my experience it is less likely but it does happen. The fact is that personal relationships are different from professional working relationships. Which would you trust more, somebody vouching for a personal relationship where nothing is on the line or another tradesmen giving a first hand account of what they went through with the same client.


What Blue Collar can do for your Contractor Business

So here is how it works. Bluecollarblackbook.com is a network of tradesmen and contractors that are dedicated to protecting their self, their business, their trade and their industry from bad customers. Our users post reviews of their customers (both good and bad). Then when a user gets a new client, the tradesmen or contractor logs into the site  (either on a land line or mobile) searches the client by name and finds out if anybody has any experiences with them. It's exactly the same system that law enforcement uses except the information is all provided by tradesmen, exclusively for tradesmen and the information is specific to problems we face in our industry with our clients. IT'S INFORMATION ORGANIZED.

Some Blue Collar Black Book users ONLY put in Bad clients. We understand, the bad ones we never forget and when we get burned, it hurts. Other users put in their favorites. I put in everybody!

Blue Collar Black Book Customer Reviews are not about singling people out. It's about everybody being accountable for their own reputation. Protecting each other from clients that prey on the vulnerabilities of all of us.

Even a small contractor can do a hundred thousand dollars in business a year


If you get stiffed on one job for 2 thousand dollars, that is 1 to 2 percent of your annual revenue. How many times are you willing to risk letting that happen when Blue Collar Black Book has now given you the means to protect yourself. Did I mention it's FREE and it's built exclusively for Tradesmen.

At the end of the day, you can rely on your gut, your instincts, a magic 8 ball, a crystal ball or whatever type of hocus pocus trickery you believe in or you could get yourself and your business some cold hard facts and make some educated and informed decisions. It's only right that if you take some information you give some information but Blue Collar Black Book users work on the honor system. The choice's are all yours.

But for now..... You are free to go. Stay safe my friends.

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