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TOPIC: Are we doing what we have to or chose to?

Are we doing what we have to or chose to? 3 years 10 months ago #83

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The other day I was in a conversation with a close friend of mine (also a tradesman) and we got on the topic of how at times you meet perspective clients who look down their nose at you as if your their subordinate underling rather than an intelligent human being.
I live and work in Northern New Jersey, more millionaires supposedly here than anyplace else. Well, I'm not sure about those statistics but certainly there are more Lawyers, Doctors, chiselers, and just plain aye holes than one human or contractor for that matter can stomach. There is nothing more rewarding than landing a nice contract for a job you know you can pull off with your eyes closed and have it perfect,,,,,,,,, then, out of nowhere, here comes the client whose brothers, sons, girlfriends, dads, best friends cousin said he could do better and cheaper once your a few days in to it. PERFECT!! And to add insult to injury, he has spent a better part of the weekend on your project, in say, the bathroom where your project is, critiquing every thing you have done while he is drinking a beer. Of course he is an expert, he has watched all of last season of the DIY channel while on disability from the waffle house for a false slip and fall on a piece of bacon left behind by the bus boy.

Well let me tell you how we do things down town around here when this happens. attempt the polite approach when asked about this and that.Hopefully smooth things out and they see the light quickly without issue. I keep my replies short, concise and low key for as long as possible even though the primal urge to lose control is beginning to well up. If they persist and things begin to unravel,,,,,

Then it comes out, my question time..... Sir/Miss, do you want it done right? or, Right now? I then ask, Why did you hire me in the first place since you seem to poses all the knowledge necessary to execute this task? Was it so that you had someone to blame incase it leaked or something was crooked? While they have the look of utter bewilderment on their faces that I have actually let a fraction of "that other guy" out. I inform them that this career path I have CHOSEN is one I enjoy and take pride in, it is how I feed my family and my pets, how I have proper insurance and registration certificates, how drive a vehicle that doesn't sound like an AK-47 coming down the road and my employees last career was not making license plates at the state penn. Lastly, just before I ask them if they want to recant their statement about replacing me with someone with a truck full of mechanical ineptitude. I remind them that not only did they choose me, I also made the decision to choose to work for them and that they need me far more than I them. After all, my house still has a working toilet in the hall bath. Smile

Quality work my friends is not generated when your business, projects and life are run like the drive thru at Mc Donalds. If people want that, the speed trades are out there, buyer beware. It wont happen with this guy, Ever!

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Are we doing what we have to or chose to? 3 years 10 months ago #84

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Thomas! WOW that's a lot. You know we are separated by well over 3 thousand miles but we are connected by the same nonsense.
Tell you what that picture speaks volumes. There are some trick things going on in that bathroom. A+ my friend.
I know it's hard to keep tuning it out.... Oh hell I don't know what to tell you other than it's part of the job these days. Like you were talking about the trick is just finding the best way for each of us to deal with it in your way. I do like the way you handle it.
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